Sorry there has been no updates since… forever?

Anyway I’m going to start making the memories again so stay tooned!

give……………………….. beta .. ……. kEY.

oh, man. alpha’s over and I’d want more than ANYTHING to have a beta key :(

Submitted by alternateeleven

Submitted by pumpkin-coffee-and-some-spice

and @acidroxy

Submitted by moron-suitcase

If you’re a Toontown/Toontown Rewritten/Toonblr blog


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Don’t be shy!

Go ahead and send us YOUR old toontown memories!

Go over to our blog (which WILL be fixed maybe tomorrow- better themes) and send an ask and we’ll make a picture of it with your url! (You may put your Toon Name if you want- anonas may submit)

Let’s make some memories!

(April 20, 2014 #LOG NUMBER 2)